The AR image is 100% of the items size. A new sofa can be a significant investment for a family so they’ve got to get it right. And by using AR, the customer has everything they need to visualise it in their home.


They’re more informative than a still picture and offer another valuable asset to your visual range. You can also choose a really high resolution so if you’d like your customer to see detail, that’s an option too.

Immersive Roomset

Take your marketing assets to the next level with our immersive 360 roomsets. Fully interactive with zoom function giving yours customer a great feel for your products.

Symmetry CGI - CGI Imagery

Invest in stunning imagery for your product with new combinations of timbers or handles, styling or roomsets to show off your range to its full potential!

With photo realistic imagery created digitally you save both time and money, with no material, fabrication or studio costs involved!

Our skilled furniture designers are here to support every step of the process; from concept design and CAD modelling to factory visits and marketing materials.

Our dedicated design team are skilled at project managing and able to adapt the process to suit your company and project!

CGI Image comparison

With the ability to be able to 3D render products this can then be compared in the same position
with different colours, textures, walls and flooring.

3D Interior CGI3D Interior Visualization
Furniture CGI VisualizationFurniture CGI Visualization