The model is the golden asset to all of your CGI images because it’s the foundation of CGI. Creating a great model with lots of detail is essential to provide you with the best quality CGI visual. And with our background in furniture design, this is where we excel.

The heart of all your marketing material

The model continues to be your asset after the production of your product because it will remain at the heart of all your marketing material for as long as you need it. We can also build your models to animate to create exploded views.
All team members at Symmetry have at least 10,000 hours of experience (the common measure for expertise!) and we have an upholstery specialist too. Upholstery being an art in itself because it’s all organic.

A good quality model is essential for a great image.
If available we use factory models. Mostly everything you see in these images has been modelled by the team at Symmetry.

This model has been constructed so that the top and drawers open, which makes the model really versatile. It can be rendered in any way or animated in a video.