Symmetry CGI - Computer Generated Imagery


A great way to access CGI which allows you to reap the benefits of an amazing product shot, while avoiding the showcasing cost of building sets etc.

Where we create the perfect backdrop for your product

Montage will use your factory photos by putting them into an amazing background. You send a photo of your product and we match its lighting and perspective to an environment in order to create a lifestyle shot for your marketing. You can use the same set for different products, change angles, and adjust accessories and lighting to give a suite of high quality, consistent visuals. A cost effective way of creating a lifestyle or superior product shot.

In this image we used a photograph of the office chair, and built the CGI set around it.

This saved our client time and money as the modelling of this chair is highly complex.

Carlton Furniture – Montage

A simple CGI setting for montages has been created to make the background for a range of chairs.