Symmetry CGI - Computer Generated Imagery


Here you can see some of our latest work. Symmetry CGI is creating a new world of imagery – see for yourself below.

Howdens Joinery

Modern House Extension Kitchen

The UK Agency – Montage

Carlton Furniture – Montage

3D CAD modelling

Domu Brands – Product cutout

Frank Olsen / Next – Roomset

Nathan Furniture – Roomset

Carlton Furniture – Design & CGI

Frank Olsen – Roomset

Kettle Interiors HO - Roomset

This is part of the Signature range, Kettle’s premium brand. The brief was to create a lifestyle shot to support a contemporary roomset using the industrial influence from the wood and hardware.

The more adventurous architecture, incorporating a mezzanine level, makes a statement intentionally supporting the overall contemporary feel.

The customer needed our full product suite for this range. We have the roomsets, cut outs, cameos, 360s etc. Kettle use this as a comprehensive marketing package to support their retailers to maximise revenue opportunities.

Carlton Furniture – Montage

Our regular customers Carlton furniture requested an image to market this range of Aviator furniture and chose the desk, chair and shelving units from the set. In order to create CGI images, the content is modelled before being used in an image. Due to the unusual design of the chair, we suggested a photograph would be more cost effective for them. The chair would take longer to model than your average office furniture and so a montage was a great solution in order to keep costs down. The chair was montaged into the shot and everything else was created using full CGI.

Nathan Furniture – Roomset

This bedroom was created for Nathan Furniture. The image illustrates a classic range in a contemporary room. The full range of this furniture consists of 13 pieces. Here, we’ve worked with the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet and stool. Our customer then benefits from as many pieces in one realistic shot. Too many pieces in one picture will create an artificial look. Nathan offers a choice of 12 paint colours, 14 fabrics and 2 oaks giving 672 options for the bedstead alone! So they included the products in a web configurator. Their audience can then experiment to create the piece exactly as they want it.

Kettle Interiors - RA Living

This furniture is a modern take on current living styles. The range is placed in an environment that shows clean lines, smooth walls, new windows. Perhaps in a new build or renovated home that would appeal to young buyers or first time buyers.  

Showing multiple colours: dove grey, oak and blue. 

VonHaus - TV Bracket

Our customer Vonhaus love the lighting we are able to put to their tv brackets. We were asked to model and render them for their marketing, in a way that brings a simple product to life. Their online shop requires the first image to catch the eye and they tell us that after using the CGI images, sales have improved.

Kettle Interiors - HO Bedroom Roomset

Continuing the brief for the Kettle Interiors HO Living/Dining Roomset, the bedroom continues the modern look. Incorporating the industrial influence from the wood and hardware, the style provides an overall contemporary feel. 

Multiple colours are shown here: oak, blue and white. 

Carlton Furniture
Tambour – Design & CGI

Carlton Furniture asked us to design a range of mid century furniture and you can see the result in this image. We produced the CGI before manufacture which allowed Carlton to gather feedback on the design before a piece had been built! By using this approach the client saved months of development time and were able to test the range to be sure customers liked it before they invested more time and money.

Fuji Camera

Product study using the FUJIFILM X-T4 to test the latest release of our rendering software

Frank Olsen / Next – Roomset

Frank Olsen asked for a high gloss bedroom range in a contemporary setting. They needed the room to reflect lots of highlights on the furniture to bring it to life. Our CGI artist’s expertise comes into its own here. Our team have honed their skills to be able to create the perfect lighting for shots like this. The team at Frank Olsen were really pleased and the images are now used by Next.

3D CAD Modelling

Apart from photography that is used in montage images, everything in CGI comes from a 3D CAD model and so we have fun finding and making 3D products that can be used in sets. This is a set of radios that our artist Adam has worked on. There are all sorts of things we develop this way so we can place them into sets. We also appreciate the importance of following trends so our images are current.

Kitchen Extension

The brief for this kitchen was to create a space for young couple in a modern house extension. The challenge is to create the right feel so that people relate to it and recognise it as place they can see themselves in. With that in mind, the instruction was to create storage solutions for children’s paraphernalia, hence the open shelving. The challenge for our artists is to get the right feel on the high gloss elements. And our stylist must pay careful attention to all appliances and products to make sure they fit within the lifestyle and budget of the homeowners.

Frank Olsen – Roomset

Our customer at Frank Olsen commissioned a collection of images. This one was to showcase a high gloss living room range. The furniture has a selection of technical aspects such as invisible, wireless phone charging and Alexa supported mood lighting. We produced the graphic work to present these technical aspects.

A broader range of images was created to support Frank Olsen with their brand management. They were able to supply their retailers with images including cutouts and interior shots so that all images of their product is top quality. They found retailers occasionally used their own shots, which could potentially de-value the brand because of the lack of consistency.

The UK Agency – Montage

The beauty of the montage process was brought to life here for our clients, The UK Agency. They were able to use photography – to an extent. It’s very common to be able to photograph products in a factory. However the time and expense required to create sets for a traditional photo shoot can be a little prohibitive.

The UK Agency requested a variety of backgrounds to suit a range of sofas. Using the best of both photography and CGI, they were able to use a range of settings that wouldn’t be feasible in a studio environment. Getting the perspective of the shot right is obviously crucial and our team have a very effective (yet simple!) way of matching the perspective. The method is top secret but you might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t involve any technology at all! Our client was delighted with the results and the price and went on to commission imagery for the full brochure using the Montage technique.

Howdens Joinery

This image was created for one of our many projects for Howdens Joinery. They requested a CGI kitchen image that would be appropriate for a small space, such as this extension at the back of a terraced house. Because CGI sets can often look far too big, care must be taken when creating small space pictures.

This image must portray suitable cabinetry to match an appropriate budget and all functional requirements must be catered for too. The result here shows how we have matched the interior with an appropriate space and suitable budget.

Nathan - Helsinki Roomset

Carlton Furniture - Holcot

This was a range designed by us for Carlton. The brief was to produce mid century furniture to mix and match with the Tambour range (on our Portfolio page). The cabinets have a strong retro feel but this was toned down for the accessories, such as the desk and coffee table.  

We created the roomsets, cameos, cutouts allowing for the imagery to be produced which speeded up the development process for Carlton. 

Because we designed the range, we already had the models from this part of the process, meaning we had everything we needed for the CGI process. 


Esse has a long-established style of range cooker, traditionally seen in conventional kitchen environments. The brief was to show the versatility of the product and so we placed it in a selection of settings. Products show a mixture of solid fuel and electric versions. Images show the cooker in a modern and more traditional setting to appeal to a broader audience. 

Hotel Life

A European hotel refurbishment where the large reception space would be fitted out with screens of more than 4 metres in height. In order for the project team to understand how and what to dress the scene with, Symmetry created the visuals to provide a sense of scale and show how and where the props could be placed. In understanding the overall look and feel, the team were able to manage budgetary constraints more effectively. All the props were bespoke and therefore in giving the teams confidence to buy the correct number of each piece, they were able to manage budgets and timings more appropriately in order to be ready for the launch.  

Haleywood Orleans Roomset

Haleywood requested a single roomset for this range, plus a cameo shot of the sideboard. We worked from mobile phone photos and overview dimensions. We’ve worked together for a while now and meet up once every couple of years. Just shows how simple and effective CGI can be.  

Nathan Video

Haleywood - Toledo

We can create images with a limited amount of input from the customer. Haleywood often provide dimensions and some snaps taken on mobile phones and we use these to create sets, cameos etc. We’ve worked this way with Haleywood on many occasions – a simple process really! 

Nathan - Tiverton Roomset

We love how different this classic Tiverton range by Nathan can look depending on the set. For this range we rendered the images for Nathan’s online configurator. That’s 12 paint colours, 2 different oak tops and 14 different fabrics for the chairs. In total, 640 images.  

Lawlors - Table Montage

A beautiful montage image using an existing photograph of the table and chairs, where the customer simply requested an “appropriate” environment. Our team set to work and Lawlors loved it! 

As a retailer, they’ve got a different image of this furniture compared to their competitors. It’s harder to price match this way so they can avoid price wars. It makes their products look more exclusive. 

Carlton - Sherwood

This render was created for Carlton so they could demonstrate the table with and without its extension. They also wanted to show the different place settings 4, 6 & 8. The final shot of the extended table with 4 chairs supported the promotion of a special deal the sales team were running. 

Nathan - Oslo Living Roomset

The brief from Nathan was to create a beautiful room space, light and airy to promote the Oslo range. The image was built as a living and dining roomset. It is very much a product shot where we make it look like a home yet have been able to fit in 5 different pieces in the shot. This image picked up on the styles the customer already has for different ranges, giving them consistency across their portfolio. 

Howdens Tewkesbury