The UK Agency – Montage

The beauty of the montage process was brought to life here for our clients, The UK Agency. They were able to use photography – to an extent. It’s very common to be able to photograph products in a factory. However the time and expense required to create sets for a traditional photo shoot can be a little prohibitive.

The UK Agency requested a variety of backgrounds to suit a range of sofas. Using the best of both photography and CGI, they were able to use a range of settings that wouldn’t be feasible in a studio environment. Getting the perspective of the shot right is obviously crucial and our team have a very effective (yet simple!) way of matching the perspective. The method is top secret but you might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t involve any technology at all! Our client was delighted with the results and the price and went on to commission imagery for the full brochure using the Montage technique.