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What is CGI?

It stands for Computer Generated Imagery. But what does this mean?

Most of us have heard of CGI in the context of films; the first to use it was Westworld [1973], with Toy Story [1995] becoming the first ever full CGI feature length film.

A lot has changed since then; the technology has boomed and what once would have cost a small fortune (and required a small army) to create has become far more efficient.

This advance has made it possible for independent businesses and designers to invest in CGI software, just like Symmetry!

Our CGI offers you stunning imagery; beautifully lit and styled, they give your products the spotlight they deserve!

As a team we have always been invested in learning new techniques, styles or software that could grow our design skills - so imagine our joy when we discovered CGI!

CGI enables us to use our existing CAD modelling and design skills in a completely new way; using just a computer we can create photorealistic imagery. We've created a process of researching, modelling and editing that provides our clients with beautifully styled imagery showing off their products - all for much less cost than traditional photography.

With CGI, imagination really is the limit!

You can have stunning imagery of your product in a trendy mill conversion or a classic Parisian apartment (or maybe you prefer a paired down family home, with a cosy fireplace and lush garden through the windows). You can trial your ranges in multiple timbers, handles or finishes - all without making a single piece!

What are the possibilities for your business?

Have we sparked your interest? Get in contact with a member of the Symmetry team today to explore the world of CGI...


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