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What services does Symmetry offer?

Although we may specialise in CGI our team is also made up of very skilled furniture designers. We've designed ranges -from concept to technical drawing- for a huge host of industry leaders.

At Symmetry we love the huge range that our skillset covers and enjoy taking on projects that stretch that; whether you need our support in just one of these sections or for a whole project our team is here to help you!

Our process is split into each of its components below and displayed in chronological order, from the very first research to inform an idea to the final marketing materials that will show off your product at its best.

For quotes on pricing and to discuss how Symmetry might work for you please get in touch with us at

Market research

We have dedicated team members who excel at research, putting together everything from mood boards to spreadsheets on trends to help you (and us) make an informed decision about your next product.

Concept design

At Symmetry our love of design fuels our concept development, however we always design for you, to your brief and not for our egos.

Whether you have an existing piece you want to develop, an idea for something new or want to develop a concept out of our market research; Symmetry can develop informed and creative concepts that fit your brand and brief.

CAD modelling

SketchUp is our CAD software of choice; it gives us the versatility to create technical models, from whole kitchens to hinges. For CGI briefs we model all of your products using CAD before beginning the styling and rendering process. Our team can model to industry standard and perfectly proportioned down to the millimetre!

On the right is our CAD modelled furniture range (within a roomset) whilst on the left is our first render ready for editing

Range development

Once we have developed the concept and created the CAD model we begin developing the range; this could vary from a small occasional range to a full living and dining set and is done to suit your brief.

We pride ourselves on thinking imaginatively about what goes into your range, including striking feature coffee tables, display units or cheval mirrors to really catch the customers' eye.

Technical drawings

Our drawings are intended to aid the factory in developing the range; they feature clear and measured line drawings of each piece as well as details of important features such as cornicing, patterned panels, legs and handles.

Assembly instruction leaflets

As an extension of our CGI services we've developed our assembly instruction leaflets; rather than confusing the client with complex line drawings we model and CGI each step before compiling it into informative leaflets with clear copy (written instructions) and health and safety information.

Take the stress out of assembling KD furniture with our CGI assembly instruction leaflets; concise and clear for your customers to follow.

Marketing materials (e.g. brochures and leaflets)

We are well practiced in creating marketing materials for our imagery and models, such as promotional leaflets and brochures about your ranges and products. These are great for events, such as the January Furniture Show, as they allow prospective clients to keep your designs to mind after the initial meeting!

If you think any of these services could be of use to your business, or would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at or call us at 07947 639006.

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