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Why is CGI better than photography?

At Symmetry we believe there are three key advantages that elevate great* CGI above traditional photography; price, time and potential!

*We say 'great' CGI because -like photography- there are plenty of examples of CGI being used badly; poorly designed sets, bad lighting or unbelievable views out of windows to name a few! At Symmetry you're in safe hands; take a look at our portfolio to see the vast range of beautiful imagery we've created for our clients.


There are clear savings when using CGI compared to traditional photography. You don't have to build a set, purchase accessories or even construct the products (see 'potential' for even more advantages because of this). There are also no studio hire, photographer or technician costs!

When you use Symmetry to support your business with CGI all you pay for is the imagery and a skilled designer to make them!


Similarly to every modern industry, the pace in the Furniture World is picking up; today's industry demands we keep on top of trends and have imagery ready for each launch as increasingly customers are investigating products online before they even visit a shop floor.

At Symmetry we can create stunning imagery in a fraction of the time of traditional photography; the process of modelling, styling and rendering in itself can be far more concise than all the associated build up and development for photography.

The use of CAD (computer aided design) rather than a physical product is also crucial here; you can be developing your marketing imagery as soon as the product designs are finalised instead of waiting on prototypes from the factory!


In both of the previous sections (Time and Money) this feature has come up; because Symmetry's photorealistic imagery can be entirely made on the computer you don't have to wait on prototypes or set construction. This can save you time and money however it also offers a huge amount of potential...

Imagine being able to show photographs to clients of products that don't even exist yet, getting their feedback before you advance into further development. Or even showcasing your product online and creating excitement in the lead up to the launch months before making a single piece! Or trialling a piece with multiple timbers, finishes and handles with ease?

At Symmetry we believe that the time and money saved are a huge advantage to our clients and we are always working to make our process even more efficient. However the potential of CGI is what gets us truly excited; seeing products come to life before our eyes is the joy of the job.

Do you think some of these features could benefit your business?

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