CG1 is creating an image of an item or scene, of something that isn’t real. It uses computer software to make a 3D model to create visual of something that may or may not exist.

Our customers use CGI images to showcase their products after they’ve got as far as product sign off, because traditionally, this is as far as your 3D model can take you.

Now with CG1 you can continue to use the model in a variety of roomsets, animations, AR etc which will support any number of marketing campaigns.

Because the important thing about your CGI image is the 3D model itself. This is your property and your asset.

Our customers tell us that they’re able to showcase more of their products using CG1 than traditional photography. There is no need to find a location or pay a location fee. You don’t require a budget for dressing a set or the time it takes to shop for it. It’s easy to change colours on a CGI image (such as the wallpaper or carpeted floor to wooden flooring) giving you more options for your backdrop.

Because you can work with Symmetry CGI in a collaborative way, you can be sure of our guidance and expertise. You don’t even need a stylist or experience in design because that’s a service we provide too!

If you’ve never worked with CG1 before, we’re here to make the process smooth and easy. If you have a visual of your product, the measurements and a colour swatch (if appropriate), you can get yourself a CGI image!

See what you can do with your 3D model and with CGI: